Dharamshalas In India


Here find details of all Dharamshalas in India, big or small, popular or less know. Dharamshala in general is a rest house or shelter for spiritual pilgrims. Traditionally, such dharamshalas (or in simple words pilgrims’ rest houses) were generally constructed near pilgrimage destinations (often in remote areas) to give visitors a place to sleep for the night and food to eat.  In the initial days and even today at most places this shelter and food is provided free of cost.

Generally these dharamshalas provide a simple clean bed to pilgrims or spiritual tourists to rest and hygenic simple food to eat.  But with the changes in practices, type of tourist, tourist behaviour, expectations etc. now these dharamshalas are of different types catering to all type, class and community of tourists and some of these are even providing very luxurious rooms, full of all kind of amenities and beautiful decor but these are not free and rooms are here sold like hotels but generally at a little lower cost then hotels.

We have tried to provide exhaustive information about various Dharamshalas in India along with the details of their location, address, contact numbers and details about the process of getting rooms booked at any of these dharamshalas in India.

You can find detailed list of Dharamshalas in India at different tourist places, pilgrimage centers and religious places of India at one place here.

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